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Online Resource Centers

Online Resource Centers

With an AGIS Network Online Resource Center you create a connection between your agency and the eldercare and disability communities of consumers, independent service providers, complementary government programs and information resources. Web-enabled eForms can be integrated with the online resource center offering more convenience to consumers.

Common features include the following:

Informational Resources

  • Explore topical information – Navigate a database-driven library of articles on topics such as assistive technology, civil rights, community life, education, employment, financial benefits, health, housing and transportation.
  • Find a provider – Provide a directory lookup for providers and services by name or category using our robust database containing over 160,000 providers.
  • Search for providers or information – Search for services and products by keywords, categories, location (state, county), and other filters in consumer-friendly language.
  • Retrieve help and FAQ information - Offer a wide variety of information to assist use of the system.

Community Collaboration Tools

  • Discussion groups – Support discussion groups, or message boards, where users can post a question or issue online to share with others, such as experts, adult children, and elderly people.
  • Chat about topics – Offer real-time message chat with multiple chat rooms and moderation.
  • E-Newsletter subscriptions – Provide mechanism for generating electronic newsletters that can be emailed automatically to subscribers.
  • Calendar of events – Display relevant events in an easy-to-use format. Users can recommend events to be added to the calendar.
  • Discover what's new – Provide directory of recent important announcements such as social policies, healthcare issues, financial programs, and assistive technologies.

Information Gateway Services

  • View provider description – Give readers a comprehensive description of providers before going to the provider website, reducing the chaos of typical online searches.
  • Needs assessment and program eligibility determination – Offer tools to help users assess their needs and locate helpful information about government programs offering a guiding compass to insure users reach their desired destination.
  • List of provider products and services – Display a list of provider-maintained products and services.
  • Apply for services with secure electronic forms – Permit users to complete electronic forms over the SEP and print or submit these forms to the provider. Offer user a tool to simplify filling forms.
  • Provider ratings and feedback – Allow users to post ratings and give feedback on any provider for review by other users.

Personalization Features

  • Create an account – Register on the system to create a user or provider account.
  • Store accessibility settings – Set an account’s accessibility preferences. For example, a “Large Font” preference can be selected to increase the size of text on system display pages.
  • Choose data retention policies – Elect to save user information on the SEP, locally on the user’s computer, or not to save.
  • Designate other users as representatives – Allow users to assign others as representatives.
  • Define personal needs profile – Safely store personal information about health, financial, housing and other needs that can be used to auto-populate any online forms or applications. Assist the user in locating helpful information resources and products or services.

System Administration Utilities

  • Define information resource content – Provide web-based tools for authorized system administration personnel to control and extend informational resource content.
  • Maintain help information – Provide web-based tools for maintaining help information.
  • Create electronic forms - Offer utilities necessary to create any electronic form. These forms can be displayed in web-friendly formats, and/or in formats suitable for standard paper printout.
  • Administer community features – Include administrative tools to ensure efficient operation and proper security of community collaboration subsystem (chat and discussion groups).

Side Quote

“AGIS Network’s name speaks for itself. The quality of service, products and deliverables has been excellent. We have consistently received prompt, courteous service from AGIS Network.”

Rebecca Rude Ozaki, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Hawaii - Center on Disability Studies

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