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SAMS IR/web and BeaconWEB™

SAMS IR/web and BeaconWEB™ present your Harmony SAMS IR or BeaconIR™ resource data to consumers and others on the web. With one click on the familiar SAMS IR or BeaconIR™ interface, authorized users publish their most current local I&R resources on consumer-friendly web pages.

SAMS IR/web and BeaconWEB™’s comprehensive search tools allow internet users to search resources by name, service category, location and/or need. Search results and resource information are presented to users in an intuitive, easy-to-understand layout. All information on BeaconWEB™ is also accessible with assistive technology devices (e.g. screen readers) and compliant with accessibility standards so that everyone can find resources on your website.

SAMS IR/web or BeaconWEB™ is easily integrated into any existing or AGIS Network-powered website so that you can link your constituents directly with your SAMS IR or BeaconIR™ list of resources. This valuable solution extends your investment in SAMS IR or BeaconIR™ and lets you quickly and inexpensively serve online consumers even when your office is closed for the day.


  • Publish SAMS IR or BeaconIR™ data to a public website with one click
  • Configurable interface allows service providers the ability to maintain their own data
  • Avoid double-entry or data maintenance for internal SAMS IR and BeaconIR™ and public information
  • Simple yet comprehensive search controls for your constituents to find providers, including look up by organization name, service category, location or key phrase
  • Drill-down to individual resource details, display map to locations and link to providers’ external web resources


  • User-friendly search and print interface: allow simple online use by consumers and people supporting them
  • Increase your units of service: consumer actions through SAMS IR/web or Beacon/WEB™ are eligible for credit
  • Do more with your current resources: free you staff by allowing consumers to “self service” with your most current information
  • 24/7 “storefront” availability: constituents, caregivers and professionals can access your SAMS IR or BeaconIR™ list of resources online any time of day, from any location

AGIS Network Advantages

  • 24/7 secure hosting of SAMS IR/web or BeaconWEB™: no local server software installation is necessary
  • Easily links and integrates with all websites and other AGIS Network online services
  • Section 508 compliant web pages that support assistive technology (e.g. screen readers)

“AGIS Network’s name speaks for itself. The quality of service, products and deliverables has been excellent. We have consistently received prompt, courteous service from AGIS Network.”

Rebecca Rude Ozaki, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Hawaii - Center on Disability Studies

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