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For the aging workforce, eldercare is replacing childcare as the #1 concern.

  • 12% of employees take leaves of absence to handle eldercare concerns.
  • 36% miss work days.
  • 40% rearrange their work schedule.

How can you help your employees?

  • Offer eldercare and long term care (LTC) benefits to employees and their families.
  • Educate employees about eldercare and caregiving issues by offering an online resource center and seminars.
  • Provide access to our national database of eldercare professionals and resources.

How can AGIS Network help your company?

  • Earn a positive ROI by reducing at work eldercare and caregiver distractions.
  • Provide turnkey eldercare and caregiving solutions for educating your employees.
  • Boost employee participation rates in group LTC benefit programs.

Statistical Sources: Caregiving in the United States, National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, 2004. The MetLife Caregiving Cost Study: Productivity Losses to U.S. Business, June 2006. Presenteeism: The Measure for Assessing Family Caregiving in the Workplace, American Association for Caregiver Education, Inc., January 2003.

National Facts: Eldercare’s Impact on Employers

  • Eldercare costs U.S. business more than $33 billion in lost productivity each year.
  • An estimated 26 million caregivers also hold jobs, most full-time.
  • 62% of employed caregivers report that their caregiving responsibilities have negatively affected their work.
  • "Presenteeism"--in which employees are physically present but distracted by non-work concerns--costs employers many times more in lost productivity than absenteeism.

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