Agis Network

Information, Distribution and Financing

  • Increase workplace productivity by helping employees meet caregiving challenges.
  • Educate employees about eldercare through employer-branded online resource centers and custom campaigns.
  • Drive enrollment in LTC benefit programs.

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Online Resource Centers

  • Give your clients 24/7 access to resources and education.
  • Connect clients to service providers.
  • Serve more people without additional resources.
  • Tap into data you have in other systems.

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AGIS eForms ©

  • Save time and money by eliminating traditional paper applications.
  • Make applications easier to complete.
  • Reduce data-entry redundancy across forms and agencies.
  • 'Shovel ready', ideal for electronic health records and electronic medical records (EMR).

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AGIS Network

AGIS Network connects government agencies, employers, service providers, and families in the eldercare and disability communities.

NCOA, AGIS Network Streamline Benefits Access for Seniors

NCOA and AGIS Network are pleased to announce an integrated online screening system to help social service agencies better serve older adults and people with disabilities who are seeking information on benefits programs.

Our Services

As eldercare and long term care (LTC) specialists, AGIS Network:

  • Helps caregivers and their loved ones meet the challenges of aging with unbiased eldercare information and access to support services through our public site,
  • Rapidly-deployable ('shovel-ready') systems interoperating with I&R, Case Management, Electronic-Medical-Records (EMR), and Electronic-Health-Records (EHR) systems to speed care where it is needed most.
  • Works with benefit advisors to provide employers with comprehensive benefit programs.