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Multi-sourced Provider Databases

In this new age of medically and health oriented social services, silos are a no-no. If your provider listings are narrowed too much by geography or recipient age or disability type, they won’t be part of the new data flow. This is because the health/medical industry doesn’t cut the market into segments the way traditional social services has in the past based on funding streams.

At the same time, your agency doesn’t touch all segments, so there is a conflict.

AGIS provides a path to normalizing “live” provider data from a variety of sources and formats so that they are indexed as though they are from a single source. So the TBI association can send a spreadsheet, the CIL can chip in a Q90 CILsuite feed, the ADRC can use GetCare and the AAA can use Mediware SAMS, and it all looks and searches as though it were a single database. No agency has to change what they are doing now, but what they are doing now is extended and useable and VALUED elsewhere, especially in the Health and Medical community.

Off-shoot uses of this co-indexed data has included automated “Print Directories”, which can be flexibly setup to search the database and list current provider information in each relevant section of a published directory. One client publishes special single section directories by geographic service area for service types such as “Transportation”, “Housing”, “Nutritional Services”, “Dental Services”, and so on. The Directories can be made as downloadable PDF portions of Hospital Discharge packets or whatever unlimited purposes can be imagined. Electronic Data Reuse and extension is critical to providing the health and medical community cost-effective value in Community Information Exchange (CIE) environments. Other uses can be kicked-off with scripts including populating other agencies with the most up to date provider record based on date/time stamp.

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“AGIS Network’s name speaks for itself. The quality of service, products and deliverables has been excellent. We have consistently received prompt, courteous service from AGIS Network.”

Rebecca Rude Ozaki, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Hawaii - Center on Disability Studies

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