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AGIS eForms ©

Manually completed agency forms and applications limit the efficiency of any organization. Not only do they require physical storage space, but they’re often incomplete or illegible, requiring staff to spend precious time double-checking and correcting. This decreases productivity and can stretch out the application process by days or even weeks.

Our patent-pending eForms technology serves tens of thousands of consumers and professionals securely and reliably every day. eForms make the agency application process more efficient, quick and accurate. They are available 24/7 to apply for services so consumers can use them anytime. eForms reduce clerical time 35-50% by:

  • Eliminating traditional paper applications
  • Making applications simple to complete and easy to read
  • Enabling auto-population of forms by using data saved from previous forms
  • Offering electronic benefits filing where available
  • Being available around the clock

AGIS eForms © web-enable any type of manual form so a consumer, provider, or agency employee can enter information online. The user can save information to a profile that auto-populates any additional forms that might be needed.

For example, a consumer seeking Medicaid assistance from the Department of Social Services can also apply with eForms for food stamps or utility assistance from the Department of Social Services Support Services, as well as benefits from a variety of other agencies. Data is stored in our Client Management Module™ when the first application is completed. This data becomes immediately accessible to all of the other agencies that use eForms, making any additional applications much easier to complete.


  • Easy installation with minimal staff training
  • Secure online storage of personal information
  • Ability to pre-populate future forms and applications with original information
  • Multi-agency usage


  • Save agency resources by reducing form management costs by up to 90%
  • Make the application process faster and more convenient for constituents
  • Offer electronic benefits filing (where available)
  • Easily clarify or correct illegible or inaccurate forms

“AGIS Network’s name speaks for itself. The quality of service, products and deliverables has been excellent. We have consistently received prompt, courteous service from AGIS Network.”

Rebecca Rude Ozaki, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, University of Hawaii - Center on Disability Studies